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    And now what?
    Oncothermia supports the body's natural processes
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    We Stand Next To The Patient

    The Philosophy of HeSPO
    Everyone's cancer is special, as is the patient's own.
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    Why in Personalized Oncology?

    We stand against cancer
    The Medical Instruments of ONCOHYERTHERMIA S.A are in the hands of specialist medical practitioners (members of HeSMO) to practice responsibly, as pioneers, the personalized oncology to their cancer patients.


Oncothermia (Hyperthermia) is operated in Greece by specialized doctors (members HeSPO) in Athens and Thessaloniki. Thermotherapy (Hyperthermia) is one of the primary therapeutic...

Cancer Cell Cultivation

Innovative and reliable diagnostic tests for personalized treatment Achieve early detection of the disease, monitoring the course...

Our approach

Cancer, as we have pointed out, is a complex and multidimensional disease, and its nature is strongly determined by the patient's uniqueness. In order to obtain the...

Ozone Treatment

Methods of small and large autotransfusion as well as ozone injections intramuscularly and intra-articularly, with the reasoning that they are world-famous methods that do not...

Cancer: Is there a solution to the problem?

Cancer patients, after following the conventional methods of conventional oncology, are often frustrated, either by the unfavorable course of the disease or by the complications of the treatment itself. This is due on the one hand to the great biological complexity of the cancer, on the other hand to its multiple causal dimensions, some of which are deeply in the patient's "being". This is why treating cancer with one-dimensional approaches to statistical value, such as protocols, often does not yield the desired results. Moreover, maintaining an unnatural lifestyle, which can be largely responsible for the disease, almost precludes favorable progression. It would be inappropriate and unfair to ignore the great advances that have been made in oncology over the last 50 years. Nevertheless, by neglecting the above and other "details", the overall therapeutic effect is not what we would expect.

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Cancer - Theprapy

Cancer Therapy is an information site on cancer treatment. It reflects the views of the scientific, non-profit association Hellenic Society of Personalized Oncology, and is a sponsorship of social responsibility of "Onco-Hyperthermia S.A.".

This site was created to provide medical knowledge and information in a simple and understandable way, as well as scientifically accurate. It can NOT replace your doctor, whom you should consult in any case, as long as you have a health problem.

The machines of Oncohyperthermia S.A. are in the hands of specialized therapists (members of ELETEXO) to be responsible as pioneers for personalized oncology in cancer patients.

Counseling services for cancer patients

Cancer Therapy's counseling services "guide" the patient and the family into the information cycle they are called upon to process under extreme stress. Our services range from the preliminary diagnosis phase until after the disease is overcome.

Why in Personalized Oncology?

With personalization in oncology we are able to revive the patient's hope.
While we do not despise the therapeutic means of conventional oncology, on the contrary, we enrich the treatment....



Early Signs

Cancers are characterized as malignant neoplasms (as opposed to benign ones) in part because they interact silently and insidiously for some other time. When a malignant neoplasm reaches a certain size, depending on the location and the neighboring molecules, it begins to cause various manifestations: it presses on neighboring tissues (therefore it can cause pain), to infiltrate neighboring blood vessels...

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Systematic approach

For a long time, cancer has been present and evolving in the body, without any clinical or laboratory manifestations. This behavior is an important component of malignancy. When at some point the tumor reaches a certain size, it begins to compress neighboring tissues (this can cause pain or even disruption of the function of the compressed element), to infiltrate neighboring...

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Diagnostic Methods

In recent years, the "laboratory arsenal" that serves to diagnose cancer and monitor the therapeutic response of our patients, is expanding more and more. New tests and improvements in older tests, so that they become more sensitive and more specific, are constantly appearing. This obviously gives new hope to our patients ...

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